5 Rules For Being A Fashionista

Know What’s Trending

What are the first rules in anything fashion it's a know exactly what's trending. The best way to figure out what's trending is to follow designers and fashionistas just like yourself. You don't have to follow mainstream designers like Mark Posen and Michael Kors. You can also find designers who are  more on the international spectrum like in Australia and Korea. There are also Trend Setters that are super famous and known for their are Instagram accounts or YouTube fashion hauls. Fashion hauls are a great way to understand exactly what's trending. Haul stars really can help you find local buys that resemble runway pieces.


Try It Before You Buy It

Honestly, when it comes to a high fashion and Runway pieces you should try it before you buy it. Many people might look at a Runway peace and think that that Designer designed specifically for their body. When you get the piece home you realize it's a size too small and you can't return it because you took the tags off. The best way to avoid this mishap is to simply try it before you buy it. You can do things like Rent the Runway or join monthly mailing groups that send you fashion. Monthly mailing groups allow you to try to Fashion on it home, and send back anything you don't like or don't want to purchase.


Know Where To Shop Discounts

Every fashionista should know exactly where to shop the discounts. You can get some amazing signature pieces like an little black dress, a pair of jeans, the perfect t-shirt, and more at stores like Macy’s on deep discount.You can get them on even deeper discount when you shop using Groupon discount codes. Groupon publishes promo codes for stores like Macy's all the time. These promo codes can be used to take money off of the final sale price of your purchase. All you need to do is search coupon codes for stores like Macy's, then use the promo code on the website when you go to check out. You'll see instant savings fall right off of your purchase. With Groupon you can often save up to 70% off of the retail price. That's amazing for fashionistas who love to buy a lot of clothes.


Know How To Find The Free Stuff

When it comes to getting stuff for free, you can do it when you shop online. A great way to get even bigger savings when it comes to discounts is to qualify for the free shipping. Many stores like Macy's often offer you free delivery in the event that you make a qualifying purchase. That means say you spend $100 and you get delivery for free. You can check out the store policy and see what kind of sales they have going on to see if you qualify for free delivery on your next purchase. You can also sign up for their emails and Groupon emails to learn automatically when they sales go into effect.